GameStop Midnight Black Friday Shopping


A few hours ago Gamestop opened it’s doors for some Midnight shopping to celebrate the fact that Black Friday is upon us. People took to the streets when they heard Gamestop sale includes discounts on all the best Gaming set ups, such as consoles, accessories and the top games on a variety of platforms.

According to a report on Venice Life Magazine, over 3000 stores opened at midnight all over the US, bringing in thousands of people to grab a bargain. It would seem that Amazon now has some competition. This might explain the higher amount of games that appear to be in their Lightning Deals today.

One of the biggest deals Gamestop is offering this Black Friday is a discount on the Xbox 360 250GB Bundle, however we are awaiting further information of how big this discount may be and what is included within the bundle. It could be games, extra controllers, networking kits, headsets and much more.

Did you make it to a midnight launch? If not, don’t worry, all other Gamestops opened at 5am so get on down there and grab yourself a bargain. Let us know in the comments below what you managed to pick up on a Black Friday deal so far.

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