Is Myspace set to make an unexpected comeback?


Who still has a Myspace profile or even remembers Myspace? For a couple of years now the user base of Myspace has been dropping rapidly under the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of social media darling Facebook. At one point all the kids had a Myspace account and it was almost as unusual not to be on Myspace as it is strange not being on Facebook now. How fickle the internet can be though; recently Myspace is seen as more of a joke than a credible site to visit. This could all be set to change though! Under new ownership since 2011 and with a completely revamped design, could Myspace be set for a come-back?

New owners Tim and Chris Vanderhook, and none other than Justin Timberlake, have been working on the site gradually and more or less undercover since the take-over. Buzz is growing over the ‘New Myspace’ though as it nears completion, and since Timberlake recently tweeted about the site. Facebook continues to grow globally and dominate social-media but there are signs of trouble ahead. U.S. growth is predicted to slow and the recent share price issues have been well documented. Companies so eager to jump on the Facebook bandwagon have discovered that actually making money from it has proved more difficult than they had predicted.

It is unclear whether or not Myspace can ever reach the heights it was once at, but a sneak-peak video of the site certainly looks intriguing. In fact whilst Facebook appears tired and as far as this writer is concerned can be rather boring, the ‘New Myspace’ looks fresh and exciting. The functionality and features shown suggest this is definitely a social media site worth checking (or re-checking) out.

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