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Scratch and Guess – Games Answers – Level 1

We love Scratch and Guess, and we know that some of those games can be rather tricky to work out. Luckily we are smart here at Suck my Trend when it comes to Gaming, so we have completed all four levels already, and have the answers here for you. This is the first instalment. Use our search feature to locate the other Levels, up to level 4 in this Game series.

There is not much else to say really, except this app is amazing, and you should download it from Google Play.

Level 1: Game Answers

The first one is mega easy. As soon as you scratch away the darkness, and see the bright blue lines, you just know it’s Pacman.

Secondly, probably one of the biggest games on Mobiles ever. Rovio classic, Angry Birds.

Thirdly, a classic shooter that you may have played when you were younger, Doom.

Fourth, one that’s not so obvious unless you have actually played it. We needed to use a couple of hints for this one before it came to us. It is Osmos.

Fifth, we have a very popular shooter on the Xbox Console. The fourth title is going to be a Christmas hit, it’s Halo.

Sixth,  probably the world’s most played MMORPG, created by Blizzard, World of Warcraft.

Seventh, a very popular football game on the consoles. It’s FIFA. No Number is required after it for the year.

Eighth, it’s Super Mario Bros. A huge arcade retro hit, that you should definitely have played when you were younger.

Ninth, another big mobile hit in which you must jump, jump, and jump some more. It’s Doodle Jump.

Tenth is a great fighting game that took the world by storm, still available in some arcades. It’s Street Fighter.

Eleventh is a very popular mobile game that was trending in the top lists for a long time. Cut the Rope.

Twelfth is a classic game that I used to love on my Playstation 1 console. Crash Bandicoot. How many apples can you get?

Thirteenth is the assassin game that requires stealth as well as aggression. Absolution is coming this month. It’s Hitman.

Fourteenth is a big success in the simulation world. A whole city awaits you in SimCity.

Finally, in fifteenth is an RPG made for the console. It’s Fable.

All images can be found below in case you are still stuck. Level 2, 3 and 4 will be available from tomorrow. As mentioned above, simply tap into the search bar what you’re after at the top of the screen. Once all four are in place, I will link them to each other in this articles.

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