World of Warcraft back to 10 Million Active Users


World of Warcraft was starting to decline with people becoming bored of the game, and gaming experts felt that Mists of Pandaria would not be enough to bring the users back into the game. Luckily it has, and Blizzard has once again been able to report that they are at 10 million active users playing the game.

Mists of Pandaria is the latest expansion for the game and although it has received some negative feedback, for being exactly the same as the previous titles, it is still massively popular and has been enough to bring old players back who left around the time Lich King came around. A lot of players left as Level 70 was the max level for a rather long time. This meant when Lich King came around, it was like going back to square one and this pissed a lot of people off. People have started to adjust to this change now and I guess they are able to accept it, and it has allowed Mists of Pandaria to be one very popular game indeed.

Look at Call of Duty. Same thing every year, yet millions buy it and play it, even when it’s the most expensive game on the shelf.

Source: [The Next Web]

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