When is GTA V being released?


Rockstar Games have announced when Grand Theft Auto V is going to be released worldwide. It is big news and something that everyone has been waiting for. It has become one of the biggest Trending Games News Stories of this week, and potentially this month too.

According to an article on Rockstar Games’ Website, the release date is going to be Spring 2013. This is an expected release date, so technical issues could push it back, but if all goes smoothly, then it will surely be fine.

This is the release date for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The PC version, as with other Grand Theft Auto titles, will be coming some months later. Hopefully anyways, as Red Dead Redemption never made it as it was apparently too much of a challenge to make it possible. It would be a huge shame if the same happened, but with so much demand, I am sure they could work something out if they put their game development minds to it.

Many of the 30,000 comments on the article are asking about the PC version, as nothing is said, with many saying it should be released at the same time on all types of system. Call of Duty manage it, but obviously, Grand Theft Auto is a much larger game with many more features.

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