GTA V Trailer #2 Coming 14th November


Rockstar has revealed that the next trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will be coming next week. 14th November is the date, and it will be the time to see some really interesting things about the game. We will know more about the game than ever before.

Many people on YouTube spend a lot of time going through popular game trailers to find every detail that may be a hint into what’s coming in the game. We can expect this to happen a lot for the GTA V one, and we hope some really cool things will be found out that Rockstar will be able to further hint, or even confirm, shortly after.

The article on Rockstar’s website has already picked up over 6,000 comments, and thousands of websites have featured this story. It’s become a big trend in the Gaming Industry, so now it is here too. Leave a comment below if you are planning on getting this great title. What are you looking forward to most in the game?

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