Comet Goes Into Administration – Another UK Retailer Bites The Dust


Comet, the electrical retailer in the UK is set to go into Administration, according to BBC. This comes as another blow to the UK market as the high street struggles against larger competition and more favorable online retailers.

The big issue for Comet is that electrical items are so easy to obtain online from multiple sources for very decent prices and usually at a cheap delivery rate too, making them less likely to use Comet for their services. The other issue is their real world competition which are the likes of PC World, Currys and Dixons, which of course are all the same company. This is a big challenge for Comet and they have clearly struggled to keep up.

Comet has said that it is business as usual for now, and all outstanding orders will be delivered. If any customers are having any issues, then they are recommended to call Comet’s Customer Care team: 0844 800 9595

Some experts feel that there is going to be a mad Pre-Christmas rush for stock that Comet will need to get rid of for cheaper. Perhaps then it will atleast be able to match the prices that are already available online.

One expert, Dan Wagner, said that Comet has struggled to understand the importance of the online market. It appears to be too based as a superstore people drive and go to, when it is much easier now to grab a mobile phone or computer and make your purchase without having any issues.

Comet will be one of the biggest companies in the UK to suffer from such issues since the collapse of Woolworths.

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