Unlock the 007 in you Before Skyfall is Released – #CokeZero007


Coke Zero appear to love a good advertising campaign, so they thought it would be a great idea to have a challenge set up, 007 style in a train station in Belgium.

The result was this amazing video which has become a big trend on YouTube clocking up over 3 million views.


One Comment by YouTube user Sygmoral gives us more information on whether or not this was a fake situation:

From an article in the Flemish news paper De Standaard: this video was produced by a Flemish company named Monodot, and was NOT fake. They did however have 106 people on the set (which is indeed Antwerp Central Station), including people to make sure no accidents would happen.

The related Twitter tag is #CokeZero007

Would you have taken on the challenge?

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