iPhone 6 rumours already?

Tim Cook

Yesterday saw the release of the iPhone 5 and it immediately was SOLD OUT worldwide. If you didn’t make it in time to the shops yesterday then fear not, because there are already rumours about the iPhone 6!

The iPhone 5 is a slimmer and longer phone than it’s previous ancestors and has the ability to have a 2D and 3D map which surprisingly is developed by Apple themselves instead of their rival Google.

We believe that the rumours about the iPhone 6 have been trending because technically the iPhone 5 is the 6th generation phone. This is because there was the original iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 4S and now 5. Because of the confusion between whether the iPhone 5 should actually be called the iPhone 6, some Apple fans have tweeted on twitter what they think the next generation of smartphones will look like.

While other rumours are hopeful for the iPhone 6 -

The biggest flaw of iPhone 5 is how much thicker, slower, and less compelling it is compared to iPhone6.

The iPhone 5 better be waterproof, bulletproof, fireproof, have endless battery life, have 6 speakers & a sub, and better make dinner for me.

If you managed to get your hands on an iPhone 5 then tell us at Suck My Trend what you think of it and what you hope for with the iPhone 6.


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