Kate Middleton Nude Pictures Leaked by France, Italy and Irish


Firstly a French magazine posted images of Kate Middleton nude having fun on holiday in Southern France, and then an Italian paper said that it would also be publishing pictures, even though this will lead to them being sued by the Royal Family. We obviously missed the fact that there must have been a lot of paparazzi there, because now an Irish paper has published pictures of Kate Middleton nude as well.

Quite frankly, we are shocked that this has happened. After all, how could our future Queen and King be silly enough to let the Paparazzi get close enough to get some pictures when they were not wearing clothes. A bad move on their count.

The Irish version of the Daily Star is behind the posting of the latest pictures, and we are not yet sure if they are the same pictures that have been recently published, or new ones that were grabbed by a different member of paparazzi. This is because at the moment the site does not seem to be loading. As soon as it does load, we will be able to update you on what they have decided to leak to the world. The pictures are said to be leaked in the Republic of Ireland edition and not the UK/ Northern Ireland edition of the Daily Star paper. Does that count as being good, or just being clever and sly? I think the latter.

The French version of Closer magazine, who originally posted the pictures says that it has more intimate images that are for sale, and these will probably be leaked soon as well. I personally wonder how many paparazzi where actually there when this happened and how many papers will be releasing different images of the same scene over the next few weeks.

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