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Everyone is Naking – Pictures

Planking was very popular for quite some time. Everybody loved doing it in the most random places all over the world. Sadly, one guy even died trying it. If you do want to give it a go, high balconies are not recommended.

So the craze of planking has come to an end. We haven’t seen many viral posts showing some random planking positions as the most crazy ones have pretty much been done in some way or another. What on earth could possibly replace such a craze? Of course, Naking. This isn’t in a planking position by the way, otherwise it would be called Nanking. It literally means going to the most random places and being stark naked. The popular destinations have been at the peaks of high mountains, and ski resorts, with a Facebook Page already bringing in thousands of Fans. We sense a big trend coming up with this one.

Famous lakes have also been hot spots for this latest craze, and we expect the Facebook Page to bring in hundreds of thousands of fans. Naked Planking is unlikely to happen. Who wants to put their penis or boobies on the floor at the end of the day.

We have scoured the net to find some great Naking pictures, and then realised the best ones were right in front of us on the Facebook page, so here are a couple for you to get some inspiration from. Just be careful, as indecent exposure laws are still in effect.

The page on Facebook has the following description:

Upload your best Naking photos here. Naking is the practice of taking photos of yourself (from behind), as naked as you dare, in the wild. We love nature. We love Naking.

We quite frankly can’t wait to see more.

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