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Top Gear Cancelled because of XFactor

Jeremy Clarkson has told the world via his Facebook page that Top Gear will not be airing this year because of the XFactor programme taking over the slot and being the more popular choice with the nation.Jeremy posted the following message on his Facebook page, along with a picture of him playing the drums. An audition we hope to see in the XFactor if anything:

No Top Gear this year thanks to the XFactor. Take that Simon Cowell!

Jeremy Clarkson then posted another message confirming the worst, saying:

No Top Gear this year, but plenty of Top Beer.

Many angry readers have started commenting, saying that they do not want to be forced to watch the American version of the program in order to get their car loving fix. Many comments have explained that the American version is nowhere near as good and it is the way Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond successfully manage to host the program, that it is so popular.

Top Gear is available to watch free in their studio, if you apply for tickets on a website like Applause Store. However the show is so popular that there is a rumoured constant 2 year queue.

Staying with Applause Store, that page we linked is actually for people to book tickets for the 2012 version of the show. It is still in “reservation” mode without any confirmed dates, so it would seem Applause Store have yet to find out that the show has actually been cancelled for this year.

Jeremy Clarkson has not said whether or not the show has finished for good, however at Suck My Trend we reckon everyone will be missing the show so much, that they will have to bring it back. We are on the look out for Facebook groups about bringing back Top Gear, and we expect these to start popping up all over the world with thousands of “likes” on the Social Networking site.

You can check out Jeremy Clarkson’s page yourself, and see if he will keep up updated on this news. He must be able to see the comments coming in and hopefully will update us soon.

News has come in that Jeremy Clarkson has said there will be an Xmas Special of the show this year, but normal episodes will not be taking place. That sucks for those people who booked tickets 2 years ago and are about to be invited to view the show Live.

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