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Where will the next Olympics 2016 be?

Now that London’s 2012 games are finally coming to an end after an amazing few weeks in the Capital, it is time to start making preparations for the next Olympics which will be in 2016. Of course we have the Paralympics to look forward to as well coming up towards the end of the month where London will once again be busy with people watching some great athletes showing how amazing they are at their favourite sports and events. We will be covering it all here at Suck My Trend of course to be sure to check it out, and check out ITV4 a lot in the UK, as a lot of coverage is going to be on there going by reports we have received so far. I am sure there will be some great Live Streams available on the internet too.

So, the next Olympic event, where is it going to be? A few years ago it was announced that Rio de Janeiro have been lucky enough to host the games when it is time for them to come around again. Tom Daley will be 22 years of age, and probably even better at Diving, and we will see a new wave of athletes with some resignations this year, such as Victoria Pendleton within the velodrome events.

Right now, there is actually 1453 Days to go until the next Olympics, and that date will be when the Opening Ceremony takes place. The games that Rio will be hosting are the XXXI Olympic Summer Games, also known as the XXXI Olympiad.

It looks they will be a bit later than this year, with the opening ceremony taking place 5th August 2016, and the Closing Ceremony taking place on the 21st August 2016.

You can find out more information about the city and how they will host the games, and stay up to date with news and information on a site called


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