David Beckham Confirms role in London 2012 Opening Ceremony


According to Breaking News on Sky, David Beckham has confirmed that he has a role in the Olympic Opening Ceremony. It has already been rumoured that he had some kind of role, but nobody was sure if that was true.

It is still being kept secret what his role actually is, but it is expected that it will be revealed. The reason for that being Olympic workers who have information about what is happening during the opening ceremony who may reveal details for a price to the press.

He may kick a ball about, or he may hold the Olympic Torch, like he already did when it arrived at Lands End at the start of the relay back on the 18th May.

Becks has already been surprising people at the Olympic Photo Booth next to Olympic Park at Westfield Shopping Centre.

A quote from David Beckham:

‘some kind of role in the opening ceremony which I am honored to be involved in because obviously I was involved in the start of this process seven years ago.’



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