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Jonah Falcon and his World’s Largest Penis

Jonah Falcon has become a worldwide trending search on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo this week after he was allegedly stopped by agents in San Francisco Airport and searched because they worried he was hiding something in his trousers. Sadly for the guards, and perhaps not so sadly for Jonah, it was his male parts that were the issue, and that is because he is the holder of the World’s Largest Penis. This news coming out encouraged people, which we assume would be women who are highly interested, to start searching Google rapidly for pictures and stories about Jonah Falcon and his lovely male part that could attract even the most beautiful ladies for one simple reason.

He is from New York, and he is 41. It was July 9th that he was arriving back from a trip, and in San Francisco Airport, the issue happened. They even did it after checking through the scanner which makes a person look like they have no clothes on, so one would assume they simply wanted to verify the findings. Jonah’s Penis is reportedly 10 inches when flaccid, and 13 inches when erect.

He was delayed by 2 hours, but eventually was allowed to catch his flight. Jonah is known as a Gaming Journalist and actor, as well as appearing in a Documentary aimed at people with the largest penises. What a program that must be. Perhaps we should have allowed our female writers to cover this story today.

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