What a Week for Yahoo


Yahoo has had a rather crazy week. A few days ago they suffered a massive hacking attack on their Yahoo Voice! service, which saw 450,000 accounts compromised. This was a major attack which with the already downturn of Yahoo, it didn’t help at all. Users were informed to change their passwords, and it would seem that all has now returned to normal. We did not see any reports on the web that users had their accounts individually compromised, as of yet.

Then, news of a happier nature came yesterday that previous Google Executive, Marissa Mayer, is to be the new CEO of Yahoo. This is massive news. Marissa worked for Google since the early days and was only the 20th employee to join the company. This means that Yahoo has gained a very valuable employee who possibly could turn the company around with her years of experience in the search engine area of online technology.

Then, a few hours later, Marissa posted a tweet alerting the world that she was infact pregnant, meaning that she will soon be on maternity leave anyway. I suppose she will throw ideas at Yahoo for now before getting down and dirty with the hard work in order to not put too much strain on the incoming newborn. Marissa posted the following tweet about news:

Another piece of good news today -@zackbogue and I are expecting a new baby boy!


This is great news for them both, however this has been a very eventful week for Yahoo. Our article picture shows the angel and the devil on the shoulders, which one is which would you say?

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