#ArmedForcesDay – Showing Support for our British Troops


Armed Forces is today in Britain, and it is a day that we can come together and show support for our troops who put their lives on the line on a daily basis for us to have a better life.

#Armedforcesday is not yet trending on Twitter, however we are seeing a lot of tweets regarding this and we can expect to see it trending within a couple of hours at most in the UK trends.

The BBC has been covering the day, where the Olympic Torch has been taken through bringing two important events together in clever fashion.

There have been flypasts in various towns and cities across the nation, but the Twittersphere is yet to fully pick up on all the action.

The official @Armedforces_day twitter account is asking for the hashtag to start trending, and has asked people to tweet away by retweeting the following tweet:

I’m saying thank you on #ArmedForcesDay. RT to show your support and set a world record

That tweet has already been retweeted over 3000 times.

Armed Forces Day is also allowing you to get a Twibbon, which is a watermark which goes over your Profile Picture on either Twitter or Facebook, and you can pick up your own one here.

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