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Typhoon Haiyan Super Storm

How Many People Died In Typhoon Haiyan?

Numbers have been released suggesting the number of people that died in Typhoon Haiyan. This comes more than 24 hours after the storm and is expected to be more of a finalised number. In total around 120 people have been killed. Some sources are suggesting that as ruins are searched, the death toll could rise. Winds reached up to 200mph  causing devastating damage and witnesses have said that many bodies have been seen on the streets as they have been swept away by the storm and left in another location, along with lots of debris and rubble. The airport has been ruined by the storm it has been reported also. Journalists scouring the area also said they found 20 bodies inside a church six miles south of Tacloban. Witnesses said it resembles the damage caused by a tsunami.

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